Starsailor new album out soon!

Starsailor new album out soon!

2048 1367 Hops & Harvest - Boutique Festival

Hops & Harvest headliners, STARSAILOR have announced their brand new album All This Life, set for both physical and digital release this September 1, via Cooking Vinyl just before their Hops & Harvest debut. In addition to the announcement, the band has released the triumphant lead track “Listen To Your Heart,” the opening track from the album.

Lead singer & guitarist James Walsh describes it as, “an energetic, emotional song. I think in doing what we do, you have to be emotion and instinct lead. If every decision was sensible, practical and mulled over, we’d never have done anything or got anywhere. It’s not always easy, so you have to keep reminding yourself.”

Of the album and recording process, Walsh says; “Recording the album was an intense and rewarding experience and we’re excited to get it out there. There’s a good mix of the aspects of the band people know and love, and a few changes in direction.”

Their fifth studio album – and first since 2009 – All This Life finds Starsailor re-energized and in outstanding form. They played to an ecstatic crowd in a packed Big Top Stage at this year’s Isle Of Wight Festival and debuted a new track from the forthcoming album.

You can pre-order All This Life now HERE or buy tickets to see them live at Hops & Harvest Boutique Festival 2017 online now!